G. Jones Group Entertainment Division

We are a full-service media, sound, and lightning agency specializing in Weddings, corporate, school, and private events by providing professional, and luxury enhancements, sounds, and fun! 


It's a big night! You'll want your timeline executed correctly, your guests have a great time, a lovely venue, and a night to remember!

Private Events

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Corporate Events

For corporate events, we perform open format No genre is left untouched. Everyone will have a chance to experience their party favorites,

Lighting Enhancement

Display a splash of color to lighten up a dark room and set the mood. We provide Lighting enhancement for any event!

Audio Engineering

Wheter you need speakers, background music, microphones, cords, or Someone to manage and engineer all of this? We have you covered.

Schools Events

When it comes to school, You'll want fun, you'll want active, You'll want updated but most of all, you'll want experience & safety!